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How long does promotional ACT take?

The length of your testing depends upon the ACT package selected, as well as the number of candidates testing. The Promotional ACT is normally at least 2 days.


How long in advance should we contact Fire ACT to customize our testing?

For any of our testing services, the sooner you contact us, the better. We appreciate and recommend 90 days advanced notice.

Is it possible to order our customized testing to be facilitated before 90 days?

In order to effectively design and customize your testing, 90 days is what we recommend; however, we will accommodate reasonable time requests.

How long does it take to receive the candidate’s final scores after testing?

Upon completion of testing and evaluator grading, all candidate’s final scores can be emailed to your department within hours.


How will evaluators be able to legitimately grade our candidates if they are from a different area?

All evaluators utilized for grading our tests must go through a grading orientation prior to evaluating any of our tests. This orientation is mandatory.

How much space does our department need to facilitate promotional testing?

The number of rooms needed depend upon the Fire ACT package purchased and the number of candidates testing.

Does Fire ACT have the ability to facilitate our testing?

Fire ACT does have the ability to facilitate testing in Lee County, Florida.

Can single orders be purchased, such as just a written exam, interview, or tactical simulation?

Yes, any portion of testing we offer can be purchased as a single option.

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